December 4, 2020

10 Best Paint Sprayers – (Complete Reviews & Buying Guide)

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Written by Jose

It goes without saying that if you are looking for ways to save time on your next DIY project, then you must invest in a paint sprayer that allows you to finish the job quickly and efficiently. However, picking a great paint gun is actually a challenging process because there are many things that you must have in mind before you make up your buying decision, so taking the time to read paint sprayer reviews should help with the process.

Top Paint Sprayer Reviews

Preferably, the perfect sprayer should be affordable, reliable, versatile and most of all, fit your spray painting needs. Overall, some units out there are manufactured with specific features that include various paint feeding mechanism and pressure levels. Moreover, some units are even built to spray varnish, lacquers or stains.

Read the paint sprayer reviews below and check my picks of the best rated paint sprayers on the market today.

1. The Winner

HomeRight C800971 Paint Sprayer

HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra C800971 Paint Sprayer

  • Perfect for DIY Projects
  • Adjustable Settings
  • Only 3.3 Pounds
  • 27 oz. Cup

The Super Finish Max Extra has medium grade performance for a low price, something that is hard to find with paint sprayers. An all in one contained unit, it handles paint like a champ. You still need to thin some brands a bit, but you’ll find the mechanics are powerful enough to push through thicker materials. A two year warranty covers the unit, showing that HomeRight paint sprayer company is confident about the usefulness of this model. There are three spray tips included, with three more available as a separate purchase. The price is decent for the extra spray tips and won’t add on a lot of additional cost by purchasing them separately. Larger projects can be handled by this paint sprayer since it comes with a 38 ounce container. All of this is packaged into one tight unit that still remains under 3 pounds, an amazing feat of its own. A handy tip selection chart lets you know the best way to approach materials with the correct equipment. It’s included with the package but is also available online. This is the most powerful low priced paint sprayer on the list and comes with high recommendations.

Who’s It For?

Anyone can use this electric paint sprayer. Clear directions help out beginners that want to get the most out of their tips. With the low prices for extra accessories, this could be a huge bargain for intermediate users that want professional grade performance without the price.


  • Most powerful paint sprayer in its price range. Suitable for professional use because of this, and in some cases a better choice than mid-priced units
  • Less than three pounds when fully assemble, with a great design that doesn’t put strain on your wrist
  • High quality spray tips with extras available at a low price. Replacing or expanding your tips is handled really well by the company
  • Detailed spray tip guide that covers all the important questions about operating the paint sprayer. Comes in printed form with the product or can be found online at the product’s website


  • Not a huge con, but if it included two containers then it would have really helped on bigger projects
  • Cleaning takes multiple passes with solution or thinner, a little more than normal paint sprayers

2. Runner Up

Graco Magnum 257025 Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer

  • For Precision
  • Flexible Suction Tube
  • Spray Directly from a Paint Bucket
  • Long 25 Foot Hose

The Graco Magnum is the first mid-priced paint sprayer on the list, and is a huge step up from the low priced paint sprayers. For variety of painting tools under favorable price click here. Instead of being a small handheld sprayer that is an all in one piece, users now get a full core unit with a handheld wand. In some ways it is better than a handheld paint sprayer, with the long hose and power cord giving you plenty of room to operate. The wand lets you control the pressure fully, making it child’s play to vary the amount of paint you disperse at any given time. Projects that need a lot of precision will benefit from the wand’s accuracy. Cleaning is handled with the PowerFlush adapter. By attaching it to your garden hose, the entire unit is cleaned, a great low maintenance option. Clogs are fixed instantly with the RAC IV SwitchTip to help you deal with troublesome paints. But the greatest feature of all is the flexible suction tube. With it, you can spray directly from a paint bucket that is one or five gallons. A strong motor, great features and decent price turns this into an incredible value.

Who’s It For?

Users of all levels will benefit from using this paint sprayer. There are loads of convenience features packed in at what is considered a fair price. With a good warranty attached, this is a tool that will last you for years.


  • Decent price for a paint sprayer with a lot of high end features
  • Can handle in excess of fifty gallons per years, so it is suitable for large scale projects
  • Sprays directly from 1 or 5 gallon paint buckets. A great feature for buyers that shop for discount paint that has can defects
  • Long 25 foot hose to go with the long power cord. There aren’t a lot of situations where an extension cord will be needed
  • Easy maintenance by connecting it to a garden hose. Ensures long life of the product without costly maintenance tools
  • Pail hook joins the paint bucket with the main unit so it can be carried all in one


  • Does a great job with spraying unthinned paint, but is not consistent as features suggest
  • Is a pain to fix if something goes wrong. This con applies to users that like to do their own repairs

3. Best For Small Jobs

Wagner Spraytech 0518050 Paint Sprayer

Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty Paint Sprayer

  • Up to 4.9 oz. per Minute
  • Adjustable Volume
  • For Variety of Materials
  • Great for Exterior Projects, Trim and Furniture

Another low priced paint sprayer that earns its way onto the list comes from Wagner. They’re a popular brand that continues to make great paint sprayers with cutting edge features. The most special feature of mighty Wanger 0518050 is that, it can spray up to 4.9 oz. per minute, making it a powerhouse in the low price class. Handling finishes with this model isn’t a problem, with the two stage air turbine handling multiple spray types. Spray pattern adjustments are vertical/horizontal fan and round. You can change it on the fly by adjusting the air cap to the desired pattern. Outside of regular paint, you can use thin materials without damaging the product. Sealers, varnishes, lacquers, urethanes and even stains are all compatible with this model. Half a quart in storage for your materials should be enough to finish small and medium size jobs. Anything bigger would have messed with the weight of the product, which is about average. Setting up and cleaning this model only takes a few minutes, with the manual going into great detail about the process. Compatibility is the main reason buyers choose this model, which ranks high on Wagner’s paint sprayer list.

Who’s It For?

The spray patterns and lack of paint storage makes this useful for beginners and some intermediate users. It was a nice touch to include a smaller material cup, which works well when you don’t want to waste time swapping out the original paint. Projects in larger areas won’t see any benefits from using this model.


  • A strong 4.9 oz. per minute spread evenly without wasting paint. Customers don’t have to worry about the sprayer overusing whatever material they load it with
  • Compatible with multiple thin materials. You aren’t limited by the type of paint or the brand, so in some cases you can really save money on a project
  • Air cap allows easy adjustments for spray types. Wagner made the actual click noticeable, meaning you don’t have to look down to see what mode it’s on.
  • Comes packaged with two material cups so you don’t have to switch out as much. One is small, the other is half a quart


  • Half a quart is small for a lot of projects. Some medium projects will require you doing refills/cleanings. Thicker coats will also lead to more time painting since you need to switch out often
  • Good motor but considered average compared to others in its category

4. Best For Medium/Large Projects

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

  • For Medium to Large Projects
  • 75 ft. Hose
  • Adjustable Paint Flow
  • Compact/Lightweight

This is another version of the Graco Magnum, which is efficient and capable painting sprayer for different projects. It has a lot of features similar to others in its category, and comes at a mid-price point. It is close to being in the high price range, so those extra features do come at a certain cost. Pressure is controlled with the hair trigger on the wand, giving user’s great on the fly controls. When using paint that is unthinned, the motor is powerful enough to handle it at the highest pressure. This comes in handy when you consider its other major feature, the ability to use paint directly from a one or five gallon bucket. The suction tube that pulls the paint from the bucket is flexible enough to give you plenty of space to maneuver. And for those larger projects that need more hose slack, the unit comes with support for 75 ft. of hose. If you get a bargain on the hose, then it is a perfect long-term unit for all jobs. The popular Graco Magnum series strikes again and continues to be a great deal among paint sprayers.

Who’s It For?

Buyers that don’t want to deal with the pain of refilling and cleaning paint cups will benefit from the Magnum series. The ease of use makes it suitable for all user levels, with an emphasis on medium and large projects. Smaller projects are supported, but in some cases would be overkill.


  • Sprays directly from the paint bucket, requiring you to only remove the lid
  • Well-known RAC IV SwitchTip prevents clogs by reversing the tip
  • Support for a 75 ft. hose is included, requiring the user to only buy the extra length. This is still one of the most extensive support options for a consumer based paint sprayer
  • Handles unthinned paint with no problems. Won’t lower the life expectancy of the unit
  • Supports up to 125+ gallons per years, so is usable for small and large scale projects
  • Great pressure adjustment system to get the most out of projects that require specific coats


  • Doesn’t have a clip/gate to carry paint bucket. You will have to sit it on the side of the unit rather than carrying it all in one
  • Higher price than the other product in the Magnum series even though it comes with an equal amount of features

5. Best Airless

Graco Magnum 262805 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

  • Ultimate Flow Control
  • Spray Directly From the Bucket
  • You Can Spray Unthinned Paint
  • Fast and Easy to Clean

Graco Magnum 262805 x7 is great for exterior painting thanks to the fully adjustable pressure. So no matter what the project size, you’ll have precise control. A stainless steel piston pump does everything it can to power through unthinned paint. There are less clogs when dealing with thick materials, which means less downtime during a project. At high pressure it’s the most effective, pushing through without slowing down. In many ways it is similar to the other Magnum model listed before, with some slight changes to the design; it’s now a cart design that can be wheeled around rough surfaces and up stairs. Other improvements include support for up to 100 ft. of paint hose and a much more efficient motor. It can handle 125 gallons per year with no fuss, making this one of the more powerful in the lineup. Other key features have been tweaked like the RAC IV SwitchTip that reverses clogs, and of course the ability to use 1 and 5 gallon paint cans. Buyers can place their can wheel around their paint with the highly recommended Magnum 262805 X7.

Who’s It For?

The X7 is a unique model in the Magnum series, and is useful for home and professional users. Beginners will have no trouble using it, and professionals will love the advanced features. Buyers just need to look at other products in the Magnum line so they can assure they are getting the greatest value.


  • Handy cart design secures paint while you push it around or up a flight of stairs. Great balance when it is holding heavy paint
  • Adjusting pressure is handled through an intuitive control switch on the main unit. Twisting it to the desired strength is the easiest way to manage usage
  • Suction tube that goes in paint container is flexible, a great benefit when you’re moving the unit around a lot
  • Connecting to a garden hose lets you completely clean the system out in a matter of minutes


  • One of the highest priced on the list and in the Magnum series
  • For a little bit more money you can go higher up in the Magnum series and get a more powerful unit. This of course comes with its own set of cons, but is still considered a valid option.

6. Best Cordless

Graco Ultra Cordless Paint Sprayer

Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer

  • Cordless and Airless
  • For Small to Medium Jobs
  • Great For Precision
  • Without Thinning

Spray painting fabric requires a steady hand and a product with high precision. That is why this high priced Graco Cordless model is so good. With tons of professional features built into it, the reason this particular model comes so highly regarded is convenience. It’s both cordless and airless, but still strong enough to use as an all-purpose indoor paint sprayer as well as for exterior walls if you know how to do wall painting using spray. When it comes to furniture, it’s difficult to recommend models that are more accurate than this one when spraying. For small and medium jobs, buyers will get their money’s worth out of this product.

Who’s It For?

Users that want the highest accuracy when painting furniture. High end, rare or even collectible furniture will fare a lot better with the use of this Graco cordless. The batteries last a long time before going out, and the package comes with two. So you’ll never be out of juice during a time sensitive project.


  • Great for expansive indoor work that requires a lot of precision
  • Comes with two rechargeable batteries and a charger
  • FlexLiner Bag lets you spray upside down without damaging the unit


  • A bit pricey for users that just want to paint regular furniture

7. Best Lightweight

Critter Spray 22032 118SG Siphon Gun

Critter Spray Products 22032 118SG Siphon Gun

  • Compressor Powered
  • Only 1.64 Pounds
  • For Small and Medium Projects
  • Requires Minimum 3/4 hp Compressor

The Siphon Gun is another compressor powered paint sprayer, but this time with an old-school twist. By using a mason jar, users can save lots of money by using any 16 ounce mason jar around the house. And since they come with their own lids, storying multiple types of paint for projects is trivial. It’s the best consumer based solution for managing and using paint with paint sprayers, at least for small to medium rooms. The price of the sprayer itself is low, so you won’t spend a lot upfront. An air compressor with a minimum of ¾ horsepower is required for operation, so lower end models will work fine. Included in the package is a single mason jar, the spay gun and pretty decent instructions. You can clean the product by attaching a mason jar full of thinners and spraying it out. There is support for paints, lacquers, thinners and stains. Depending on the brand, you can even handle thicker materials without worrying about clogs. At only 1.64 pounds, this is the lightest option on the list that requires an air compressor. Complex projects can do a lot with a little bit of imagination, and the help of this paint sprayer.

Who’s It For?

Small and medium projects will be a cakewalk with the use of this product. All levels of users will find it is convenient to store the paint they want in multiple jars for later use. You have a long storage time, and switching out takes a couple of seconds.


  • Sealable mason jars are an ingenious way to store different types of materials for a project. For this particular product, the smaller 16 ounce jars prove more useful because of it rather than being an issue due to their smaller size
  • Cleaning is easy, requiring the use of a jar filled with thinner to full clean the paint sprayer
  • Can be used with a low power air compressor. Getting a high powered one doesn’t affect performance, so any entry level compressor that meets specifications will do
  • Lightest paint sprayer in its category (ones that need a compressor to operate)


  • The required use of an air compressor adds an extra layer to the cost. For some users, this comes as a surprise since there are paint sprayers in the same price range that don’t require an air compressor

8. Best For Professionals

Graco 17G177 Magnum PRoX17 Stand Paint Sprayer

Graco 17G177 Magnum ProX17 Stand Paint Sprayer

  • Fully Adjustable Pressure
  • Spray Paint Unthinned
  • Spray Directly From Paint Bucket
  • Fast and Easy Clean-up

The Magnum Pro X17 is part of a long line of great paint sprayers. It’s high priced for a reason, with this model ranking high with professionals. With a rated capacity of 300 gallons per year, you can use this on multiple projects in a month without wearing the unit out. When in action, it pumps out .34 gallons per minute, a significant increase over the lowest model in the current series. You won’t find a lot of projects that are too big for the X17. Like all the products in the Magnum series, you can spray directly from a paint bucket that is 1 or five gallons. Support has been extended for hose length, and the x17 is compatible with lengths up to 150ft. Roof projects, buildings and other large scale paint jobs won’t be limited by the hose. Cleaning is handled with the PowerFlush adapter by attaching it to a garden hose for flushing. But what really separates the Magnum Pro x17 from other devices is the use of the ProXChange system. With it, you can replace a failed pump without any tools or experience. For the high price this is offered at, users get a lot of professional features that only a few brands have available.

Who’s It For?

All user levels will enjoy using this powerful paint sprayer from the Magnum series. Professionals get a lot of use out of already, but beginners will only see a return on their investment if it is used for medium and large scale projects.


  • Lowest model in the line to support the ProXChange system. When the pump breaks down during a big project you can change it out and get right back to work. It really is that easy, and also explains the jump up in price from the X7 to the X17
  • Hose length is improved by an extra 50ft. compared to the previous model in the Magnum series
  • This is the best professional grade paint sprayer for beginners if they don’t want to get overwhelmed with features or options
  • Cleaning the unit only requires a garden hose and patience


  • Price is high, so consumers that won’t use it a lot will get less value out of the deal
  • The stand mount is used to steady the unit and not to carry paint for the job. Paint has to be carried separately

9. Best For Spraying Cars

Wagner Spraytech 0529031 Black MotoCoat Car Paint Sprayer

Wagner 0529031 MotoCoat Complete Car & Truck Paint Sprayer

  • iSpray nozzle
  • Detain Finish nozzle
  • Automotive Customizing Spray Gun
  • Adjustable Volume Flow

All of the wagner paint sprayers on the list can be used to coat cars and trucks, but the MotoCoat is the only one that is marketed for it. This specialized paint sprayer is unique in design and specs. The price is mid-range, but on the lower level compared to competitors. With the iSpray nozzle and cup attachments, users can spray thick coats with textured finishes or detailed finishes. By using the correct attachments you are guaranteed a smooth finish even when spraying thin materials. The unit is powered with a capable motor, so any outlet will do to get you started. X-Boost Turbine is the technology they are touting for this design, and for the cars and trucks it works really well. With the 39 foot flexible hose you get similar maneuverability to that of a hose when cleaning your car. Spray attachments come apart quickly so you can reattach the one you want. Two spray guns come in the package; one iSpray and one Detain Finish. Consumers that are serious about the way their car looks will enjoy the specific features of this paint sprayer.

Who’s It For?

Anyone that wants a paint sprayer for car or truck work will find this a must have item. All levels of users can handle the sprayer, but outside of automobile tasks its value is limited. Since the price is in the midrange and it is a one trick pony, that may scare off a lot of beginners or intermediate users that don’t do a lot of detail work.


  • iSpray nozzle and Detain Finish nozzle are fantastic at getting a car paint just right. No other product on the list matches the precision of these two nozzles
  • This is the best paint sprayer for automobiles on the list
  • The long hose is just the right size so you can reach around larger trucks and vans without moving the base unit. Although thin, the hose is tough and resistant against damage
  • Motor that features X-Boost Turbine technology delivers as promised, pushing out paint and other materials while producing few to no clogs. Thick paint isn’t a problem with this model, as a combination of a strong motor and great internal mechanics keeps things moving


  • Fantastic for automobiles but average for any other paint spraying task. Buyers will recognize this flaw by the lack of spray tips available. They specifically use a nozzle system that is beneficial mainly for automobile paint and detail

10. Best Cart Paint Sprayer

Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19 Cart Paint Sprayer

Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19 Cart Paint Sprayer

  • For Intermediate and Professionals
  • Handles Unthinned Paint
  • For up to 5 Gallon Buckets
  • SG3 spray gun

The Graco X19 is the second only to the Pro210ES in the Magnum series. It is a high priced paint sprayer that improves on every design and mechanical decision from the previous models. Pressure can be adjusted so that you expend paint at the levels necessary. This keeps users from using too much or too little paint per project. Thick materials flow through the system without an issue, as the improved ProX stainless steel piston pump is strong enough to move unthinned paint. In terms of power, this is the most advanced on the list. Very few paint sprayers provide a better experience with multiple types of materials in larger projects where several coats are needed. There is some serious weight to the core of the paint sprayer, with a listed 38 pounds including the motor. Just like the x17 you can change out the motor without tools if it happens to fail (ProXChange). Maximum tip size has been bumped up to 0.019 while the motor has a performance rating of .38 gallons a minute. This is the best paint sprayer on the list in terms of specifications, design and compatibility.

Who’s It For?

Intermediate and professional users should be all over this model. It has everything they need at a fair price and value. Beginners starting into painting sprayers won’t really benefit from this model even if they have a large area to paint.


  • Best paint sprayer on the list for consumers and professionals that handle large projects
  • Beefy motor that has no problem dealing with unthinned materials
  • Maximum hose length is 150ft. The only Magnum product that offers more is the higher priced Pro210ES
  • Great cart design that holds 1 or 5 gallon paint buckets. You can roll it around while the bucket remains secure at the bottom
  • SG3 spray gun is strong with a feather touch trigger. Perfect for getting the paint balance just right on tough surfaces
  • With the strong motor, cleaning is even better than previous models when using PowerFlush. Just attach a garden hose and it will clean the unit out fully


  • High priced paint sprayer on the list
  • Too much to handle for the average beginner. May even be too much for some intermediate users
  • A bit heavy, although the cart design offsets the extra weight. But is something to think about if you plan to transport with a truck or car

Buying Guide For Best Paint Sprayer


Graco’s Magnum series is the big standout, making the list multiple times. It is a popular series that keeps doing everything right, improving with each iteration. Wagner and HomeRight are not far behind, with just as many consistent models as Graco. These three companies make up the bulk of the list so are considered among the most trusted brands you can buy from. Warranties and customer service from all three companies is top notch, adding to their brand appeal for new or returning buyers. Although these three brands dominate, the smaller companies have very recognizable products. It’s good competition with the brands that keeps their products innovative.


The list is full of low and midrange prices for the paint sprayers. The high prices are reserved for the professional grade products like Magnum. You’ll notice a bump in available features and pros when looking at high priced paint sprayers. That doesn’t mean they are only for professionals, as plenty of users buy the expensive paint sprayers and use them just fine. But there is a learning curve when spending that much money for the extras. There are a lot of convenience features for the price that goes in with the bulk of the modernized mechanics and accessories.

Best Features

Features vary by brand, with the deciding factor coming down to price. The higher the price, the more options you can expect from the paint sprayer. Durability is also tied to price, with the more powerful motors going to units in the midrange and high price bracket.

All In One Units – This covers paint sprayers that don’t rely on an air compressor to work. That makes up more than 50% of the list, so that should give you an idea of how popular these models are. All in one units only require an available power outlet to function correctly.

Nozzles – The more nozzles it supports, the more paint options you’ll have. Nozzles can do everything, even add texture to paint. For detailing work, having a good nozzle guarantees the job finishes evenly. Try to purchase paint sprayers that come with a lot of nozzles included.

Multiple Patterns – An ideal sprayer will handle horizontal, vertical and circular spray patterns. Some even support wide patterns so you have a total of four. Just like nozzles, more is better if you want the greatest experience.

Variable Control Trigger – With a variable trigger users can gain much better control over the amount of paint they want to spray in an area. Having a hair trigger also helps, which means you don’t have to squeeze it to the point where your finger hurts.

Strong Motor – There are a lot of technologies with the motors, so pay close attention when looking at the PSI and overall horsepower of a product. Stronger motors can force thick paint through without struggling. Weaker motors don’t work well with thick paints and tend to give you problems when running for hours at a time.

Mason Jars – Paint sprayers that use mason jars overcome the limitations of other sprayers that use canisters/cups. Mason jars are larger, easy to acquire and do a better job of storing multiple different types of paint. You could line up a shelf of different paint types and oil on a counter in mason jars to pick and choose the one for a current job.

High Coverage – You want high coverage per minute so that projects don’t take forever to finish. A good CPM is around 3.5 ounces and higher.

Overspray Technology – This feature is implemented in different ways based on the brand chosen. Think of it as ‘auto-correct’ but for painting. Not only does it help with balancing spray amount, but more control is given to the user when making precise moves.

PowerFlush – This technology belongs to the Magnum series, although it is used to a lesser degree in other brands. PowerFlush still remains the best iteration of the technology, letting you attach a garden hose to the unit so that it cleans itself automatically. The process is fast, efficient and great for maintenance after a project.

Reverse A Clean Spray Tip – This isn’t exclusive to the Magnum series, but like the PowerFlush it is the best version. Whenever you get a clog while paint spraying, move the switch and the clog is magically gone. This is something you won’t need to use often if the motor is strong enough to handle unthinned paint.

Long Hose Length – Long hose length gets users away from the unit itself so that they can handle jobs on different floors or even the roof. Painting a bus requires a long hose, unless you want to keep carrying the main unit around. A long hose makes up for a short power cord, which is something customers should remember when making their final decision. Paint sprayers listed have different compatibilities, with some showing strong support for hose lengths up to 150 ft. long.

Anti-Spill – This applies to hand sprayers only, where spilled paint on your hand can be a real nuisance. Anti-spill technology takes the form of a strong lock or high grade suction to keep the paint in place while you spray at angles. Think of it more as a safety issue than one of convenience.

Detailed Instructions – It seems trivial, but instructions are still an important part of the product. Users that have never handle an air compressor before are in danger of destroying the paint sprayer if the usage instructions are unclear.

Flexible Suction Tube – Instead of rationing paint into a small canister, put the tube from the paint sprayer directly into your paint. This is a great time saving feature that works well with 1 and 5 gallon tank buckets. Some models even let you lock the bucket to the machine for easy carrying.


There are two times where size is a concern; when hand sprayers are heavy enough that you suffer hand fatigue, and when ground units have wheels but have to be lifted into an automobile. Avoiding the first one is easy, but the second one is a necessary evil. Paint Sprayers with carts are big because of their strong motors. Wheeling them around rough surfaces and up a flight of stairs is no problem because of the wheels. Lifting them up and putting them in a car, truck or other vehicle is another story. Buyers should consider whether the size of a paint sprayer will be an issue when traveling.

When Air Compressors Are Required

Clear instructions and features points users to the right direction with handheld sprayers. Some handheld sprayers have their own motors while others require the use of an air compressor. Without an air compressor, the sprayer is basically a hose with a container attached. And you can’t just use any air compressor, which is exactly why requirements are listed. It has to have the right threat fit and also meeting minimum power requirements. In a case where instructions are unclear, contact the company so you can figure out if your air compressor works with the product.

Handheld Or Larger Units?

Handheld paint sprayers give you the benefit of a lower cost product that handles small and medium rooms. Larger units are great for all areas, but specifically excel at medium and large projects. Project size is going to determine if handheld or large paint sprayers will get the job done. You may also want to take a look at larger units if your usage is high. It would make sense to get a large paint sprayer over a handheld unit if you plan on using it for varied tasks. The extra horsepower in the larger product will give you an edge since it handles thicker materials better.

Are Specialized Sprayers Any Good?

Yes, with the specialized Wagner MotoCoat a top choice for automobile paint spraying. The difference in quality is astounding, but the con in this instance is lack of support outside of its specialization. Getting a paint sprayer that specializes in interior work won’t help you much when exterior painting is needed. There is nothing wrong with getting a specialized paint sprayer if you can live with its limitations. Work around it by buying a low cost paint sprayer that compliments the weaknesses of your specialized product. That way you get the best of both worlds without any compromises in quality.

Buying Guide for Turbine Paint Sprayers

If you are planning to purchase a turbine sprayer, there are a number of points that you need to have in mind to find the best suitable paint sprayer for your needs. First is that you need a device that is reliable, easy to use, and robust enough to last for many years to come. A number of models have been made from plastic materials to make them lightweight but may not be very durable. Going for cheaper models may also expose you to models that have not been fitted well and may cause frequent blockages and clogging.

One of the key features you will have to consider before choosing the best model is the power. Turbine sprayers tend to be less powerful than the airless counterparts. This is because the turbine system requires less energy when compared to the regular paint pump. Therefore, you require sufficient power to drive thicker coatings (such as latex paints) and atomize the finish coatings.

spray painting a tire

The extra power for a turbine sprayer is helpful when best atomization capabilities are required. You should choose a unit whose maximum power is high enough to give you clear coats on cars and furniture. It is therefore important to choose a unit that has a 3-stage motor on the minimum side. The high end paint sprayers under USD 1500 also come with HVLP capability in order to compete with other brands. The next aspect you need to consider before making that decision is the material of spray. You need to clearly know your spraying needs including the materials you expect to handle, and the types of paints and coatings required. This will help you choose a unit that sufficiently meets your needs.

spray paint set

A good example is latex paint, which requires more power from your turbine and a larger spray gun. Thinner coatings use less power. Knowing your materials will, therefore, help you to get a unit that has the right thinning capabilities for high-quality finishes. Features such as the nozzle, turbine, hose length, detail finish nozzle, and spray patterns will determine how good the unit works with any given material.

The turbine sprayer should help you achieve high precision and nice finishes for your painting tasks. Each unit has its own adjustment settings and these settings are key towards achieving the high quality expected of these sprayers. The best quality will only be achieved if you have the right settings with some tips and techniques of paint spraying for your unit. You need therefore to choose a sprayer whose settings match the coating and the surface of work. Under this aspect, you need to keep a close eye on the spray pattern adjustments available for the given device.

The more the precision settings a turbine sprayer has, the more the consistent results it will give. You also need to look at the adjustments for the turbine itself. Settings that will give you precise fit for surfaces and coatings are preferable. The general idea here is that the more the adjustment settings a unit has, the better choice it is.

When buying the turbine sprayers, you also have to think about the noise levels. Turbine sprayers can be relatively louder than other paint sprayers and this may inconvenience people with hearing problems. When choosing this sprayer, you, therefore, need to ensure it is not too noisy to affect people around your working area. If you are working in areas close to living quarters, it is important to invest in more quieter models. Some of the units have inbuilt noise reduction features and may be a worthy option to choose. You then have to decide about the cost factor. This aspect involves balancing the amount of money you can afford to invest in a turbine sprayer and the level of performance you expect from the unit.

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For professional spray painting, acquiring a turbine sprayer may be more about the cost-benefit analysis. For DIYers, it is more about the quality of finish the turbine sprayer achieves. In general, the amount of money invested in a turbine sprayer should guarantee a good quality finish, ability to work with your materials, and the capacity to handle your assignments. Either way, the unit you buy should have enough power to tackle your projects, more adjustments to achieve higher precision finishes, noise reduction capabilities, and a solid construction. It should also have a good gun and more accessories to give you better atomization, controls, and precision.

Buying Guide for HVLP Paint Sprayers

A HVLP paint sprayer is a fantastic equipment to have in a tool kit. With the help of HVLP technology, you will be able to deliver same painting results as with a commercial sprayer. However, as we have pointed out several times, it is crucial that you pick the unit that fits your painting needs. Below are few points to help you understand what to look for and therefore, narrow down your list further.


As you may have noticed, most paint sprayers use a spraying-cup to feed the paint to the nozzle. This means that you will need to hold the spraying gun at a specific angle for best outcomes and this can sometimes be an issue if you’re doing some detailed task. Therefore, you should look for a HVLP gun that allows you to operate the spraying gun at any angle.

Additionally, HVLP turbine stages is something you should look for as well. This fundamentally implies the number of fans inside the turbine and these fans are designed to significantly increase and improve both pressure and air flow. Moreover, these stages can range from one to six stages and sometimes even more. A 3-stage HVLP sprayer can have three speed settings which you can utilize while working. There are units that allow you to control and adjust the speed from the nozzle, but the best solution is to search for a sprayer with a handle or dial adjustment to get better control over the patterns of spraying.

There are also Bleeder-Type spraying guns available on the market. Bleeder sprayer are designed to blow out air from the nozzle continually. That way, any splatter and uneven coating will be eliminated. You will get consistent and professional results.

HVLP Paint Sprayer Benefits

There are many benefits of using a HVLP paint spraying gun. With the HVLP technology, you will get perfect coverage like you would get with an expensive commercial grade sprayer. One of the best part of investing in a HVLP spray gun is that they are reasonably priced, and you can get a top-rated sprayer for the fraction of the cost of a professional paint sprayer. HVLP sprayers are extremely popular nowadays and these types of sprayers are gradually replacing other spray types.

Over-Spray is a common issue with majority of paint sprayers that are for sale these days. Simply put, over-spray is a waste that increases both the cost and time for the job. However, with a HVLP unit, there will be high volume and low pressure to ensure that every drop of paint is used for a perfect finish. Therefore, with HVLP, overspray is eliminated and significantly less paint is wasted

HVLP are safe for the environment and your health because less overspray means less paint particles in the air. Using a HVLP sprayer means that you are not only saving huge amount of money but also you are using an environment-friendly work tool to get the job done.

Finest Quality and Finishing

Although that HVLP units work efficiently on any surface, hooking it up with an air compressor will significantly improve the efficiency and result. An HVLP paint sprayer is going to deliver a professional finish, greater than similarly priced paint sprayers. On top of that, these commercial results can be achieved with an eco-friendly work tool.

With an HVLP unit, you will finish the painting task quicker than with other spray guns, thanks to the high volume-low pressure technology that ensures top-notch efficiency. For commercial use, time is money and therefore, the quicker you finish, the more money you will make.


The good thing about HVLP paint sprayers is that you can always find a unit that fits your budget. If you need a sprayer for your car project, then you should consider an HVLP sprayer. The best solution is to get a decent air compressor as well for enhanced finish. If you are not ready to invest in one yet, it even pays off to lease one because these types are the most efficient sprayers on the market.

For commercial use, utilizing a HVLP paint sprayer can cut the expenses on paint by 30 per cent because HVLP ensures much less over spray and along with improved transfer efficiency. That way, you will save money long term no matter if you are working on a simple home project, your auto or working on a big commercial task.

Things to Consider

There are some factors that you need to take into account when you are searching for the best HVLP paint sprayer. Doing your own research is essential to ensure that you purchase an equipment that performs the task well and fits your painting needs.

Dependability &Functionality

A HVLP paint sprayer is a tool that you can count on for your task, regardless of the size of the project. Therefore, you need to think about how the paint transfers through the mechanism and out of the nozzle. Can the cup hold the quantity of paint that you need for every round? Is it complicated to remove the cup? If the sprayer gets clogged, is there any problem to take every piece apart? Also, investigate the nozzle thoroughly. With HVLP units, the nozzle is designed to effectively eliminate over spraying and use less paint on larger surface.

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Although that you may be in the market for a compact paint sprayer, you will encounter huge paint sprayers that are easy to move around. The less time you need to spend moving the sprayer around, the better. By having a sprayer that is easy to move around is extremely useful and effective. Moreover, if your work requires you to perform detailed coating from various angles, an HVLP sprayer will work perfectly for that situations.


This is one of the most important factor of the equation and this will most likely be the number one deciding factor that will determine if you purchase or not. However, as we have mentioned, you don’t have to invest an arm and leg for a paint sprayer to get professional results again depending on the type of job you need to perform and there are also supreme quality paint sprayers under $1500 for variety of tedious painting jobs. Most HVLP are extremely budget-friendly and no matter your budget, you can always find a sprayer that fits your painting needs. It goes without saying that a $30 sprayer will not include the same features as a $1000 unit. However, you will be pleasantly surprised when you find out how cheap efficient HVLP sprayers really are.

If you are a professional contractor, then it may be good idea to go the extra mile and invest a little more in a high-quality sprayer. Because although you are covered with a money-back guarantee and a warranty, it can be extremely frustrating to be in a middle of a huge project and you run into trouble with the sprayer. Then you must send it back, wait for another one and while you are doing this, the project is on hold.

On the other hand, for the individuals who simply need to have a reliable painting sprayer for a small home task or auto project, then it is sufficient to get a budget-friendly and simple HVLP unit.

Professional Paint Sprayer Buying Guide

Painting contractors and professional painters understand the value of buying a quality professional sprayer. A powerful professional unit should have high feed volume and a spray gun that enables quicker application of paint. When buying a professional sprayer, it is important to understand its features. This enables you to choose a quality product and make an informed choice. There are a number of features that one has to consider before purchasing a professional sprayer. They include horsepower, performance, tip size, sprayer weight, hose length, recommended annual usage, value, cost, volume, dimensions, power flush, and warranty period.

To start with, each professional sprayer has the capacity to create a certain level of pressure. Thinking about your painting tasks may help you choose the correct pressure for your sprayer. If you expect to paint the walls of a story building with your sprayer, then you probably need more pressure than when you intend to use it on furniture alone. The next aspect is about performance. If you are a professional painter, then the chances are that you will use your professional sprayer to cover large painting areas. It is therefore important to choose a unit that has the high processing capacity to be able to handle these jobs without straining. The good thing with a high capacity sprayer is that it will always operate below its maximum capacity hence last you longer.

Moreover, when purchasing a professional paint sprayer, it is important to think about the number of times you would want to stop and refill your tank. If you are buying a sprayer for home use, then a lightweight model that can hold about 2-quarts of fluid is recommended. If you are going to use it for larger projects, then it is a good idea to go for higher volumes. The cleaning options for the sprayer should be a key factor in your choice. No one wants to spend a whole day cleaning a sprayer after using it. The paint should be easily removed from the machine to minimize the cleaning period. Most professional sprayers have an attachment that allows you to connect to a garden hose and flush out the dirt. You also need to consider buying a unit that is flexible enough to handle several painting jobs. Most professional sprayers have the capacity to tackle jobs related to stains, latex paints, lacquers, and special categories of paint.

Additionally, you need to consider choosing a professional tool based on the fact that whether that paint sprayer needs an aircompressor and is able to work well with your painting materials. You should not just focus on the cost aspect when buying a sprayer but rather the usage. The machine should be adequate enough for your materials in order to avoid overloading it. You need to check the manufacturer's technical sheet to know the details related to material, guns, tips, maximum volume, and maximum pressure. There is also the cost factor to look into. As expected, professional paint sprayers cost slightly more than most conventional sprayers. The cost aspect covers both the initial acquisition fee and the subsequent maintenance fees. Acquiring a low-quality machine may expose you to higher maintenance and repair costs. It is therefore important to maintain a balance between quality and cost.

Choosing the right size of a spray tip will help you get the right coating for your projects. Each sprayer has an indication of the highest tip size. A model that has pressure controls is likely to give you better control over its tip. In order to choose the best professional paint sprayer, you have to compare the various models on the market and check the various factors mentioned above. Apart from this factor, there are certain tips that can assist you to choose the right sprayer. The first tip is that you need to regularly practice painting to be able to fully appreciate these features. The more you practice, the more you begin gaining control over the professional sprayer. You then need to understand how sprayer's PSI and GPM relate. These two have a direct influence on the flow rate and it's important to understand how the two work before purchasing the sprayer.


There is plenty of information available to help you make an informed decision about which paint sprayer is the best for your home or business. The pros and cons listed should come in handy when you need to separate the good from the great paint sprayers.

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