November 19, 2020

8 Best Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews of 2020 – (Complete Buying Guide)

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Written by Jose

Airless spray painters have come as an effective remedy for all DIY’ers out there. Over the past years, the daunting and time-consuming task of painting was left to professionals only. However, today, things have changed, and you can achieve professional painting tasks with products like graco magnum 262800 x5 airless pain sprayer, thanks to the affordable sprayers of the same cateogry. The top rated airless paint sprayers will innovatively make your painting work a lot faster and simpler while still giving you a finish similar to that of professional painters.

Top Airless Paint Sprayers Reviews

If you’re looking for a quality airless paint spray, then we have simplified the selection process for you. Below is a comprehensive review of the best airless sprayers found in the market today. These sprayers will certainly help you to get your painting projects done with high quality and in a short period of time.

1. The Winner

Graco Magnum 261815 ProX7 Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum 261815 ProX7

  • Up to 125 gallons per year
  • Stainless Steel Piston Pump
  • Fully adjustable pressure to give you ultimate control 
  • Can support up to 100 ft of paint hose

If you are looking for a paint sprayer that can transform your DIY project into something spectacular, then you should take a closer look at the ProX7. This sprayer comes fully assembled, complete and ready for use out of the box. It can be used on interior and exterior projects to spray un-thinned paint, stains, and primer. The commonplaces you will find this sprayer useful include barns, houses, decks, and fences. One of its innovative features is the TRUE Airless Technology which can also be found in homeright power flo pro 2800 C800879 that has the capability to generate high-pressure power for atomizing thick paints. This technology ensures a quality finish and efficient spraying utilizing a piston pump that is able to produce 0.34 GPM.

The Graco Magnum ProX7 features a durable compact cart design that makes it easy to move around with at the project site. This also includes a handle that folds down to facilitate compact storage. This sprayer is designed to get the job done efficiently using the ProX Piston Pump that is not only durable but also delivers a high pressure of up to 3000 PSI. It is better decision to know about the paint sprayers in details from the need of aircompressor point of view.  Moreover, with the adjustable pressure setting allows you to easily control the paint flow during t applications. There is also a power flush adapter that can be connected to the garden hose for quicker and simpler clean-ups. Its other features include 5G3 Spray Gun, 3/4 horse power motor, 515 tip, and a 50-feet DuraFlex Airless Paint Hose.

2. Runner Up

HomeRight 2800 C800879 Airless Paint Sprayer

HomeRight 2800 C800879

  • 25 ft. Airless Spray Hose
  • Operation Manual
  • 515 Reversible Spray Tip and Guard 
  • Backed by a two-year warranty

This is an ideal DIY sprayer that covers large areas within a shorter period of time and this paint sprayer ranges just under $300 providing you best convenient painting tool in this budget. It can spray up to 5 paint gallons in just 20 minutes and cover 2000 square feet in just 30 minutes. The pressure offered by its ½ HP motor is 2800 PSI and its overall output is 024 GPM which is sufficient for any DIY project. The unit comes with a sturdy pair of legs that increases its stability. The pistol is equipped with a reversible tip which helps in eliminating clogs. One of its key benefits is that it is reasonably priced, and it has the capacity to handle large-scale projects. Therefore, you don’t have to invest heavily in painting tools like industrial compressors.

The Power Flo Pro 2800 is a heavy-duty sprayer that exceeds paintbrush and traditional rollers because it can apply even coating on uneven surfaces. It is a great painting option for the home interior/exterior, shed,fence or garage. It sprays a variety of paints ranging from unthinned latex tooil-based paints, sealers, and stains. Since spray gun can be assembled easily and quickly it can be time saving painting product while the inclusion of a reversible spray tip enables removal of any potential clogs. A pressure control knob has been included to give you more control for the perfect spray pattern. There is a top-carry handle included in the package for easy portability around the working area.

3. Best Handheld

Graco Ultra 17M359 Corded Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer

Graco Ultra 17M359

  • Uses RAC X FFLP Spray Tips
  • Fully Repairable for Extended Life
  • Triax Triple Piston Pump with ProConnect
  • Maximum Pressure 2000 PSI

This is an airless handheld sprayer that incorporates the quality of the Graco technology. The Graco Ultra Corded 17M359 delivers flawless finish, unbeatable speed, and top-notch reliability. It has been specifically designed for the exterior, interior, and various DIY projects. This feature allows you to spray paint in all directions without changing the position in which the unit is held. This makes the painting job more comfortable and much faster. The good thing about this unit is that you can spray even when it is upside down. It is equipped with many fantastic features that include triple piston pump, a high-pressure of 2000 PSI, and a reversible spray tip.

The Graco Ultra 17M359 allows you to spray paint like a professional without having to fork out thousands of dollars for an equipment to get the job done efficiently if you are familiar with some tips and tricks related to painting tools. Additionally, it comes with a plastic supply cup which can be easily replaced. To provide you with ultimate control, the tool has two pressure speed settings that can be set to low or high pressure. The dual air pressure option allows you to control the spraying intensity to be able to spray on both thin and thick materials. There are also two spray patterns to give you the flexibility to change the pattern depending on the surface. Its RAC X FFLP spray tip is one of the best in the market because this tip delivers unbeatable speeds and produces flawless finishes. Other features included in this unit are a 32 oz. FlexLiner, TRIAX Triple Piston Pump, and a FlexLiner Bag System.

4. Best Lightweight on Stand

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum 262800 X5

  • 25 ft. Duraflex paint hose
  • Quick Start-Up Guide
  • RAC IV 515 Switch Tip
  • 15 pounds weight

Next up is a lightweight, portable and easy to store paint spraying machine ideal for DIY homeowners. It comes with a control knob that enables you to choose the pressure settings between light and medium spray coverage if you know how to use a painting sprayer for your intended task. It is a great tool for painting large areas of interior and exterior walls, decks and fences. It comes with a DUD guide to help you learn how to set it up and how to clean it properly. The machine comes with a swivel nozzle which is light, easy to hold, and can be used in any direction. The paint gun is designed in a way that it delivers paint quickly on a large surface and gives excellent coverage.

The Graco Magnum 262800 airless machine comes with a unique feature known as PushPrime which enables easier and faster painting of a variety of materials. These materials range from latex to acrylic. Have in mind that it may not be the best suitable choice for painting granulated and other texture-filled materials. It has a full pressure control for added versatility to meet your demands. Also included is a power flush adapter that ensures easier cleaning and maintenance. The power adapter can be mounted on a regular garden hose using water to run through to clean the machine. It has a durable casing that is lightweight and compact. An L-hand carrying handle is included to aid in transportation. This product can be used for both indoor and outdoor painting activities.

5. Wagner 0518050

Wagner 0518050 Airless Paint Sprayer

Wagner 0518050

  • Easy to set up and clean
  • Three spray patterns: horizontal, vertical and round
  • Powerful dual fan
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

This is a compact, lightweight and HVLP technology enabled airless paint sprayer machine to give you maximum control. It is an ideal choice for hard-to-reach areas and gets the job done pretty quickly. It uses a variable control trigger and 3-spray patterns ranging from 1 to 10 inches. The variable control enables you to minimize paint wastage on smaller and thinner materials. You can choose low over spray with maximum control on sealers, stains, and other light body materials. It has a Lock-n-Go technology that enables quicker changing of materials.

There are different metal cups accompanying this machine for fine finish applications. The use of the Control Spray Max on decks, kitchen cabinets, and interior wood trim gives you professional results. Also featured is a two-stage air turbine for continuous material flow for both outdoor and indoor tasks. The spray pattern can be adjusted using a three-position air cap to get the best and even coverage for different shapes. This sprayer is ready-to-use in just about 5 minutes and it takes less than 10 minutes to clean the machine. It is a good choice for budget friendly choice of paint sprayer just under $100 in case of small and medium scale projects like staining furniture, fences,decks, cabinetry, and trim.

6. Becker Paint Sprayer Kit

Becker 3000 PSI Airless Paint Sprayer Kit

Becker 3000 PSI 

  • 3000 PSI piston pump
  • Easy twist knob pressure control
  • Stainless steel paint pick-up is easy to clean
  • Lightweight, durable spray gun 

The 5/8 3000 PSI air-less kit manufactured by Krause & Becker has many important features and useful functions. It gives you the power to tackle big projects like spraying exterior walls, decks, ceilings, doors, and frames. Having been made from a stainless-steel material, this kit is corrosion resistant. It comes with an inbuilt spray gun that has a trigger lock to ensure complete safety during use. The device offers high-performance results for both oil and the latex paints. This is a budget-friendly and easy to operate air sprayer that allows you to handle big DIY projects without having to invest in an expensive paint sprayer. With this sprayer, you can cover large areas in a very short period of time.

The device features an inbuilt filter inside the spray gun and has simple pressure controls to give you a perfect finish and it comes under the category of efficient airless paint sprayers as of now. Additionally, it has an inbuilt trigger lock that enables faster cleanup. A 517 nozzle is included which has a 0.017 tip that works well for a finer finish. It has the capacity to pump directly from either a 1 or a 5-gallon bucket to enable quicker cleanups. Its 3000 PSI piston pump and 5/8 horsepower motor enable you to achieve high pressures of up to 0.3 GPM on most projects. Also included is a pressure control knob that is easy to twist and a fan width of 12 to 16 inches. These features give you an ultimate control over your projects. If you are looking for a paint sprayer for outdoor use, this is an ideal unit for outdoor projects due to over spray possibilities.

7. Graco Magnum 257025 

Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum 257025

  • Up to 50 gallons per year
  • Stainless Steel Piston Pump
  • RAC IV Switch Tip
  • PowerFlush Adapter connects to a garden hose

The Graco Magnum 257025 is an entry level product that is quite affordable among graco paint sprayers and is made by a renowned company. Its manufacturer, Graco Inc., has been a leader in the provision of premium spray equipment since 1926. This sprayer is quite helpful in speeding up the DIY projects around your home. It is highly engineered to handle most of the home improvement projects. From interior projects to decks, sheds, and fences, this sprayer allows you handle them faster and easier. From stains to heavy latex, you will be able to use a wide variety of coating for your spraying projects.

This project paint sprayer comes with a piston pump made of stainless steel that enables you to build high pressure for spraying unthinned paints. There is also a suction tube for added flexibility to directly spray from one or five gallon bucket. It features a PowerFlush Adapter to connect directly to a garden hose to enable faster and easier cleanups. That way, you just run water through the garden hose and clean the machine both quickly and efficiently. An included RAC/IV Switch-Tip 515 (0.015) enable reverse mode in order to continue spraying even if it gets clogged. You will be able to paint up to 0.24 GPM with its 2800 PSI and 3/8 horsepower motor. The recommended maximum usage is 50 gallons per year. It comes with a 25-foot hose and you can extend it to 50-foot to reach more areas. It has a stable base, making it a perfect option for accomplishing most home-based spraying tasks.

8. Earlex Spray Station

Earlex HV5500 Spray Station

Earlex HV5500

  • 13 ft. hose and 5.5 ft. cord
  • 1 qt. professional metal spray gun
  • Powerful 650 watt, two-stage turbine
  • Three spray patterns: Horizontal, vertical and round

This is a semi-pro unit in the list of fine quality HVLP paint sprayers designed for regular small to medium sized painting jobs that is suitable for contractors, DIY’ers, woodworkers and automotive enthusiasts around homes and small commercial premises. The device is simple to use, compact, well-made and affordable and has a number of excellent features. A powerful turbine and a professional gun make it a popular choice for showroom finishes on cabinets, cars, and furniture. Contractors also find it efficient for spraying paint on interior & exterior trims, shutters, doors and other medium-sized jobs.

It includes a 650-Watt turbine that is able to generate up to 42 CFM to give you consistent coverage on projects. Also included are a 13-feet hose, 2.2 PSI, and a 5.5-feet power cord. The long hose makes it possible to paint a car or a fence without having to regularly move the machine around. An onboard storage is included for the hose, spray gun and cord. This storage tool has a carry handle to enable you easily move around the work out. The spray gun is professionally designed and durable and has a 2.0mm tip made from stainless steel for enhanced durability. The gun also features a 3-spray pattern ‘Push N Click’ changing system, dynamic control action trigger, and a paint volume control dial. All-in-all earlex HV5500 spray station is versatile machine that suits best those who are looking for a reasonably priced san efficient way to These features make it extremely versatile for the garden, home, and workshop jobs.

Things to Consider When Buying Airless Paint Sprayers

Things to Consider When Buying Airless Paint Sprayers

There are a number of factors that you will have to consider before buying a suitable paint sprayer for your job. The first thing is the material type. Before you invest, you need to know the material you are going to work with. This helps you to choose a sprayer that is designed to handle such materials. It doesn’t make any sense to buy a smaller equipment and use it on large scale tasks like applying roof coatings. Knowing the correct material and the type of paint you will be using can, therefore, help you to get the right device to handle your jobs.

The next thing to look at is the sprayer’s specifications. The number of sprayer products on the market keep on increasing but each of this sprayer has its own horsepower, coating capabilities, and handling capacities. For the horsepower, it is important to choose a sprayer that has a larger horsepower. This enables you to paint in a much faster way. You should, however, be wise enough to ensure you don’t buy a sprayer that is too powerful for your needs.

You also need to know the thickness levels for your coatings. There are sprayers that work well with thick coatings and those that are designed for thinner ones. Thicker coatings are well handled using a bigger tip. Getting a small tip may cause your paint gun to get clogged easily. It is good to also know that the right size of a project may require a certain type of airless sprayer. If you are handling small projects, then a handheld unit may be sufficient for the job. Larger projects will require more horsepower and pressure for effective handling.


There are sprayer features like hose length, volume, tip control, spray gun, power, and filters that must be considered before buying any airless sprayer. If you are working on a large painting project, then it is advisable to have a longer hose length for your airless sprayer. A minimum of 25 feet is recommended to handle long distance tasks. Each sprayer model has its own recommended annual usage. 

You can estimate your project size to know the expected weekly volume that your sprayer is expected to handle. This will enable you to get the right size of sprayer that meets your requirements. Each airless sprayer comes with a tip. The tip controls the painting pattern as well as the speed at which the paint will be released. A small tip will be sufficient for most light and medium scale coating jobs while a large tip will be great for painting a primer and other large-scale projects.

You should also consider getting a sprayer that has a tip extension as it helps in reaching hidden spots. There are accessories that come with an airless sprayer that can help in extending the sprayer’s durability and make the painting job much easier. One such accessory is the rod extension which enables you to paint without straining your back. The filter is the other important accessory you should be looking at. They are essential for removing debris, preventing tip clogging, and getting smoother finishes. The market also has adjustable models which dispense paint at various speeds, thicknesses and spray patterns. For safety purposes, it is important to buy a protective gear for your unit. This gear has a number of items that include goggles, protective clothing, respirator, and a face mask.

Final Points

Painting larger areas using a brush and roller is quite difficult, unreliable and tiring. As such, when the quality and scale of the paint project is hard to handle using a brush, you should opt for a quality paint sprayer. It is good to ensure that the unit you purchase is appropriate for your materials and has the right pressure for handling it.For hobbyists, homeowners and professionals, a good airless sprayer will certainly speed up the project while still leaving behind a consistent and even coat. Work faster, create less mess and finish up with professional results by choosing any of the top rated airless paint sprayers above.

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